Ethics Policy

Editorial staff is never asked to skew coverage based on advertising, nor does AppleInsider accept payment or gifts of any sort for news item placement. AppleInsider takes no money from Apple, or any other venue, to slant coverage of a topic.

Our writers have been given wide latitude to write about technology topics. Anything not explicitly marked as advertising or as a "sponsored post" is content selected by our editors for coverage, solely because they found it interesting and noteworthy.

Any sponsored content will be clearly labeled as such. 

While some review products are generally loaned to us for review, we do periodically buy products for review. Review units provided to AppleInsider by third parties with the explicit agreement that vendors do not get a say on editorial opinion, nor do they get a "first look" at review text or topics prior to publication. If, through research and/or use, a product either purchased at retail or provided by a vendor proves to be of benefit to the end-user — or of little benefit — editorial staff will say so. 

Any commissions received as a result of AppleInsider's efforts do not impact opinions on a product, nor is the compensation of the editorial staff based on the performance of a review, score of a review, or how many affiliate sales that it generates. Additionally, AppleInsider does not accept pitches for sponsored reviews of a product. 

Content labeled as "Editorial" or "Review" are the opinions of the author or authors, and are not the representative of AppleInsider as a whole. 

Staff are required to disclose relationships to AppleInsider management with vendors or vendor employees or other staff. 

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Posts on, including and the Price Guides, may include affiliate links, meaning AppleInsider may earn commission on purchases made through those links. Any commissions received as a result of AppleInsider's promotional efforts will not impact opinions on a product. Affiliate referrals may utilize cookies, which are subject to the privacy policy of the corresponding merchant and/or affiliate network.

Privacy Policy

AppleInsider's Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding AppleInsider's ethical policy, please let us know.